Improv Quilting: Always an Experiment

I love improv quilting, but I find it difficult. It shouldn't be that way, I mean it is supposed to be free and make it up as you go. But my brain has a hard time adjusting to the process. So I decided to create a small throw quilt as a way to use up some scraps and to practice my improv piecing skills. The result was quite pleasing and very liberating. I think next time I'd like to try smaller piecing but, I still really like the way it turned out. I quilted this little quilt by hand. So far this has been the largest project that I've ever quilted by hand. It was very daunting at first... handling a bigger piece of cloth to quilt takes a bit of an adjustment. I tried using a frame and it worked just fine; however, it was bulky and for me hard to maneuver. I ended up removing the frame and and to me it was easier to quilt that way. I guess it is all about finding what works for us.

Hoping you have a beautiful week!