Neapolitan Windows Quilt

Looking through my quilts I noticed that I haven't made that many small throw quilts. And the few that I've made get lots of use. I find them super handy to carry in the car or just throw on the couch for my puppies for when I let them come up and sit next to me. So I decided to solve that "problem" and make a few more. As you might remember, last week I finished a whole cloth quilt made out of a yard of fabric for the front. This one required a bit more piecing but still it came together super fast. The colors remind me of neapolitan ice cream... perfect for a summer quilt I think. I quilted with straight lines about 1 1/2 inches apart and I think it complements the quilt perfectly. For the binding I used the same color of the background except for a little piece of brown that I added for a pop of color and a little whimsy. 

Wishing you a lovely week!