Swift Hat

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I had the craziest week. As I had mentioned before one of my beloved dogs has been sick and we have been dealing with that. But last Wednesday (as if I needed another sick pup) I had to rush my other dog (Miss Mona the pug) for an emergency surgery. It was very stressful for everyone at home. Specially because her condition was so critical that her vet could not perform the surgery and we had to take her to a Veterinary clinic for specialties. Thankfully she is now at home recovering. We are trying to keep her calm and quiet so I've been spending a lot time sitting by her side watching her and knitting to help me pass the time. So today I finished my Swift hat I started a couple weeks ago. The pattern is from the book Journey by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook. The hat is supposed to be slouchy but it was turning out to be too much for my taste so I altered the pattern a bit and made it shorter than what it calls for. I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. I just hate the reason why I'been having so much time to knit. 

I wish you have a safe and happy week!