Kiwi Shawl

I finally finished my Kiwi shawl (you can see some of my progress here and here). I love they way it turned out. Specially because this shawl started just as a way to use up this yarn I had in my stash. The yarn was actually an impulse buy.  I was not really sure about the colors but it was on clearance at my local craft store. 99 cents for a skein of silk/bamboo yarn is really hard to resist. I figured at the time: I'll find a way to use them. After storing it for a while I decided finally make something with it. I wanted something simple to knit so I chose a basic triangular shawl. I only had three skeins of yarn (two green and one brown) so the yarn dictated its size. It is big enough to wrap around my neck by not large enough to cover my back. Now that I see it finished I'm glad I didn't pass up on this yarn. The combination of silk and bamboo on the yarn make for a super soft and luxurious texture and the drape is fantastic. I think it is jus lovely even if it looks like a kiwi. 

I hope you have a wonderful week!