Stripes Quilt - A Quilt for Mona


It has been a few weeks since I sewed anything until today; and it got me thinking how our emotions play a big role in our creativity. Things have been quite emotional in our home. My beloved pug Mona has been very sick. It has taken many visits to the Vet and Vet specialists to find a few answers and her diagnosis is very discouraging. However, today she was feeling better; thus I felt compelled to sew. Mona loves quilts so I decided to make her a new quilt. So she can feel a hug from mommy every time  she sleeps on it, specially when she is not feeling very well. 

I wanted a quick finish so Miss Mona could start using her quilt right away and this design really fit the bill. All the fabrics were in my stash already and they happen to coordinate very well. I love using what I already have. 

As I type this little Miss Mona is sleeping all bundle up on her quilt, which makes this project ever more satisfying. 

I hope you have a lovely week. Please keep my baby on your prayers.