Scrappy Improv Quilt


I’ve been trying to reduce my fabric stash and use up what I have on hand rather that buying more fabric. It is not easy… but I’m trying. As I mentioned on my last post, the fabric for this quilt I first used it to create my Modern Maples quilt. I had a good a amount of large scraps left over and they had been sitting in a basket on my sewing room for the longest time. Until I finally decided to make them into another quilt. I love scrappy quilts and large improv patchwork. I find really cozy for some reason. To make it even more cozy I backed it with flannel (which I already had in my stash as well). So all and all a total win on my quest to use up my stash.

I just love how perfectly imperfect this quilt turned out. Perfect for this autumn weather. Improv quilts are the best.

By the way, I even had more scraps left over from this quilt that got transformed into another quilt… I can wait to share it with you.

Wishing you a happy week!