Nae Shawl

I love knitting, but it takes me a long time to finish a project. I wish a was faster at it, but I just can't. And it doesn't help that I go through periods of not knitting at all because of tendonitis in my hands. So when I get to finish a knitting project I have to confess I feel immensely proud of myself. I finished this lovely shawl a few months ago and it was long overdue. I'm so happy I finally got to photograph it and share it with you.  The pattern is so simple yet so elegant and a very easy project.  Pattern is free and available on Raverly.

I can't not say enough how happy I am with  how this shawl turned out. I love the color and the softness of the yarn.  And I'm even happier that I got to gift it to a dear friend. 

I hope you have a happy week.