Improv Mini Quilt

For a while I've been wanting to learn more about hand quilting. So I decided to do a little research on the different techniques and/or styles and try to quilt a small project. For me it is better when learning a new technique to start small; otherwise it is too overwhelming. After my research I found myself drawn to the sashiko style or big stitch quilting. For this little quilt I used pearl cotton thread size 8. It is the perfect size as the stitches are visible but still look quite delicate. It is said that practice makes perfect and I agree; by the end  I noticed that my stitches were looking more even and it was easier to run the needle through the fabric. I love how this little quilt turned out, specially the learning experience. I can't wait to tackle a larger project and improve my hand quilting skills. It is such a beautiful form of art I think. 

I wish you have a beautiful week.