Sew The Library: Needle Book

Welcome to another edition of Sew the Library! I'm so happy you stopped by. For this month's project I chose a lovely book that has in my library for quite some time but I've never got around to making a single project from it. It is such a shame because it is an excellent book. Hex-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher gives us a new take on traditional  English paper piecing with great projects for all skill levels. I decided to start small and tackle one of the more beginner friendly projects: the Rosette Needle book. The colors I chose are very different from the ones on the book, but I really like how it turned out. It feels very warm and the brown and oranges really got me thinking about autumn. However, I ran into a little problem while making my needle book. I didn't have enough felt for the 'pages' of the book so I ended up with only two pages rather than four as the pattern suggests. Oh well sometimes we have to improvise :)

How a bout you? Have you been sewing from your library? Please link up any projects that you have completed or are WIP's from a book or a magazine.

Thank you for stopping by!