Wishing for Autumn and A New Shawl

WIP: Nae Shawl
WIP: Nae Shawl
WIP: Nae Shawl
WIP: Nae Shawl

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I'm having a great weekend so far. Enjoying what it seems to be the last days of summer (I hope). While summer has been fun, I find myself wishing for cooler weather. I started to notice a few glimpses of autumn here and there: it is getting darker in the evenings a lot sooner and some trees have already started turning colors.  

I feel like autumn weather is the perfect knitting weather so in anticipation of its arrival I began knitting a new shawl.  The pattern is Nae available on Raverly.  It is a beautiful pattern and what I find most interesting is that is knitted from side to side rather than from the center.  It is truly an enjoyable project and it is growing really fast! 

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Wishing you a happy weekend!