Superheroes Quilt

Superheroes Quilt
Superheroes Quilt - Binding

Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely week. I finished the Superheroes quilt I have been

working on

 for my four-year-old nephew. This was an interesting project and a little out of my comfort zone from beginning  to end. Improv piecing is not my strong suit, but I had this idea of the superheros flying over the city landscape so I thought  imrov piecing was they way to go. Surprisingly it was easier than I had thought and the quilt top came together rather quick.

I chose to quilt it with random lines all over. The lines left by the impov piecing on the negative space gave me the inspiration to choose this quilting style. I think it really works with the overall playful look of the quilt. 

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. The gray background provides the perfect background for the brightly colored characters and signs and at the same time it tones them down a bit. I just love it!

I can go on and on telling you about how much I love this little quilt, but the important thing is: did my nephew like it?... Oh yes he did! He was really excited... even though the day I gave it to him was a super hot day, he wrapped the quilt around him and told me -"thank you Tia, it is so cozy"- Oh that just melted my heart. Best thank you ever!