Quilt Finish

It is finally finished! I made it my goal to finish my Jacob's Ladder quilt this weekend. I had been working on   this quilt on and off for several weeks already and I was so anxious to finish it. I'm so pleased with the results... The quilt measures about 65X65 inches, perfect for a lap quilt. I was going to use plain white cotton for the backing, but then I decided to add some color. I added a wonky star right in the center (the first one I ever made) and I love it! I think I want to make a quilt  using just one large wonky star (maybe that should be my next project...). To finish it off, I used yellow and white polka dot fabric for the binding; as I mentioned before, I have a soft spot for polka dots. 
As the weather cools down it will come in handy to snuggle by the fireplace or to keep us warm while watching TV.
I hope you have a lovely week