September Around The Garden

This weekend was kind of a lazy weekend. I did finish the quilt top of my Jacob's ladder quilt, but that was about it. My main focus this weekend was taking care of my baby. Mona (one of my dogs) got sick. I took her to the vet and she prescribed Mona some medications. So right now we are just waiting for the medications to work. 
This afternoon we took the girls (that is how we call our dogs) out to the garden to play and I took some pictures of how the garden is looking right now. The planting beds are starting to look bare and many of the plants are starting to die out. We picked some peppers and tomatillos (I might make some salsa tomorrow). Though, the lemon trees look beautiful; full of blossoms and promising a good crop for this year. The first sings of fall are beginning to show in the garden; some leaves are turning and my fountain grasses are giving a great display of fall colors already.