In the Sewing Room

I decided to move my sewing room to a more sunny location in the house. So this weekend was all about moving furniture from one room to the other, re-organizing and getting settled. It was a lot of hard work switching rooms, thankfully my husband helped me a lot. He did most of the heavy lifting. Even though we were exhausted it was all worth it. I love my new room; I get a lot more natural light and the new layout makes it feel more spacious.  

As part of my reorganization I needed some containers to hold small tools and scissors so I covered a couple of tin cans with fabric. And on the small one I practiced English paper piecing. It was my first time using this technique and I love it. I can't wait to do some more.

My small fabric stash is now neatly organized on my new shelves. I still have to do some organizing, but it is all coming together nicely. Now it is time to get sewing.
I hope you had a great weekend!