Scrappy Mug Rug and Some Quilting Tips

Have you ever gone shopping for a specific item and you end up walking in circles and not finding what you were looking for? Well, that is how I spent most of my day today. I went shopping at the mall and came back empty handed because I couldn't find what I was looking for. All the stores were crowded and it was almost impossible to find a parking space. Maybe everyone went to the mall to get away from the heat; it was almost 100 degrees!
Since most of may day was spent at the mall my quilting project got a bit neglected. But after I came home I played around with some fabric scraps and I made a mug rug. All the scraps were random fabrics I picked from my scrap pile and they ended up working really well together. I specially like the fussy cut of the little piggy. As soon as I finished my mug rag I put it to good use holding my glass of water. It was still very hot outside...

Also, I want to share with you some practical quilting tips I have learned from experience and from my fellow quilters over at Plum and June's Blog Hop:
  • To prewash or not to prewash fabric: It all depends on the use you are going to give to your quilted item. If it is going to be a decorative item it is not necessary to prewash the fabric.
  • Measure twice before you cut into your fabric
  • A 1/4" foot makes for easier piecing. If your sewing machine doesn't come with one it might be a good idea to invest in one.
  • Press your seams either open or to one side; there is not an universal rule, it all depends on the project.
  • Do not use your fabric scissors to cut paper.
  • A seam reaper is your best friend. We all make mistakes when sewing or quilting and a seam reaper makes it easier to correct them.
  • Iron your fabric before cutting.
  • Always have fabric starch on hand.
  • Have fun sewing.
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Happy Sewing!