April Around The Garden

So far, April here in California has brought us a mix of sunny and rainy days. While I'm anxious for more sunny and warmer days, the plants in the garden are taking the April showers very well. The lavender bush is covered with fragrant blossoms and if you come near you can hear the bees buzzing busy at work. The trees are now covered with new leaves...

including this beautiful Japanese maple. Its foliage is so vibrant that when the sun hits the leaves it looks like the tree is on fire.
The blossoms from the peach tree are long and now the branches are covered with fast growing peaches and new shinny leaves.

This is the newest garden resident... a mourning dove nesting on a garden trellis; the trellis supports the wisteria vines.  I  was able to spot the dove because the wisteria vines were bare  at the time she began building her nest. Now the wisteria is beginning to bloom and leafing out providing more shelter for the dove and hopefully her soon to arrive chick or chicks.
Every year I await with so much excitement the arrival of spring and with that the wisteria blossoms, I just wish they lasted longer.

Also, a couple of weeks ago my husband and I started some vegetable seeds indoors and they are doing so well that we took them outdoors to acclimate them to the weather outdoors so we can plant them on the ground in the next few days. The plants are of cucumber, zucchini, tomato, squash, tomatillo and pepper. I hope all the plants yield plenty of vegetables we can enjoy and share.

And my succulents are thriving and ready to bloom. Sooner than in previous years. I think this year the garden will be very prolific!