Outside in the Garden

The weather report predicted rain for today. It ended up not raining at all but it was cloudy and cold most of the day. Except for a short break in the middle of the day that it got sunny enough that we felt like going outside and checking on the plants in the garden.
The plants are doing beautifully. The garden is quickly being filled with the colors of spring.

Now the white daffodils are blossoming next to the freesias. And despite some harsh cold nights in past weeks we were able save the calla lilies.

The vegetables are showing a lot of progress... the onions, peas, carrots and radishes are growing very well. I can't wait for them to be ready. The cilantro, on the other hand, has been growing very quickly and we have a lot of it.

We cut some cilantro and more lemons to share with our friends, and finished just in time before the sky began to turn gray again.

It was a nice weekend outside.