Peasant Blouse

Happy 4th of July! (for those of you in the US) We have been enjoying of a long weekend due to the Independence Day Holiday and that meant extra crafting time for me. I love when I get to spend more time playing in the sewing room. I got to finish this peasant blouse that I started last week. The fabric for this blouse is basically recycled fabric; it came from a dress that I bought years ago and never wore because as much as I loved the print I never liked the way it fitted me. So a few weeks ago I took it out and decided to turn it into something that I would actually wear. The dress was empire waist with very thing straps and a very full skirt. Thus, the top didn't give me much useable fabric but the skirt was made of two beautiful panels of fabric. I chose a peasant blouse because the pattern is easy and very forgiving (in case of mistakes). I drew the pattern using a blouse I already had as a guide. I centered the the body of the blouse in the middle of each panel and used the sides with the seams for the sleeves. For the cuffs and the neck I made a bias tape with the lining of the dress. I had to be inventive as there was not much fabric to spare. I'm absolutely happy with the way it turned out and I think I'm going to be wearing it a lot this summer. 

I hope you have a lovely week!