Knitting Update and the Slow Bloggers Linky

The Age of Brass Shawl - Progress
The Age of Bass Shawl - Progress
The Age of Brass Shawl - Progress
The Age of Brass Shawl - Progress

Hello fellow slow bloggers! Welcome to Weekend Doings and  to this month's edition of the Slow Bloggers Linky Party.  I'm so happy you are here. I was so thrilled when Catherine invited me to host the Linky one more time. As you know the Slow Bloggers Link up is a place to share and  celebrate our crafty or personal achievements during the month whether big or small; as well as to connect with and support other fellow bloggers.

In honor of this month's link up I wanted to share with you one of my slow projects. This is shawl I started a couple of months ago. I love to knit, but I'm very slow at it. Before I used to get frustrated at myself for not being very productive.  Nowadays,  don't think much about how long it is taking me finish a project. I try to enjoy and savor every stitch that I make and I have to tell you, it is so much fun that way. Every little progress that I make it really feels like an accomplishment and before I knew it my shawl is almost finished.

How about you, what you've been up to this month?

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