Colors from the Garden: July 2012

Another great day working outside in the garden. All the plants are loving the warm weather and everywhere I look in the garden there is color. The lilies were a late bloom this year, but the wait was worth it... They look quite spectacular.

Many visitors are coming to the garden to enjoy the nectar the flowers produce. A constant visitor is this hummingbird; it flies so fast I have been trying to snap a picture for a few days and today I got lucky.

The first sunflower opened up. I love sunflowers... they remind me of my mom (sunflowers were her favorite flower).

I'm very excited that this year the cucumber plants are looking healthy and promising a very good crop. Last year we weren't so lucky.

This variety of tea roses is thriving. It produces large clusters of very fragrant roses. When I bring them into the house their perfume fills out the room

I hope you are having a great weekend and are enjoying the beautiful summer whether.